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Better than any celeb pic!

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Hey. Apologies if I've already asked this, but I have so many Tumblr's to contact and it's hard to remember which ones I've messaged!I was, until very recently, purecandifloss. Tumblr deleted me, tho I was not told which post(s) were offensive. Could I ask that you pass this on to your followers? I'd like to get thru to the 30,000 or so followers I lost that I'm back. Cheers!!

Sure!!! One of the best blogs!

Follow him!!


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Celebrity boobs

Celebrity boobs everywhere.

I won’t post them because everyone saw them

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If you wanna talk.

I thought of opening a “personal” account where I would talk with my followers about all and nothing, but finally, I’ll use my Twitter.

Go on @ItSexyNetwork if you want to talk.

Or maybe, if I have enough requests, I gonna make a personal account here.

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Cleavage are the ultimate turn on

Why do cleavages turn me on so much! Cleavages 4 Evaaaaa.

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More New Selfies


More New Selfies

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dat boobs

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Fucking yes

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We should fuck

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Really pretty!

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